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Documents and information published on should not be copied except in the case that the copies are used in personal and noncommercial purposes. In accordance with the specified restrictions copying is allowed only with the allegation of all reminders and warnings about copyright , name and a link to the portal , other warnings about the ownership of any kind, and any restrictions of responsibilities that are on this web-site listed., the site where you can find information about health care and about the Association. The purpose of our information is not to give medical advice or instructions about the use of certain products or promote products as such. This information does not have the purpose of medical advice and they are not designed as a substitute for knowledge, expertise and skills of medical personnel or as any kind of supplement for its. Information can not be use for the purpose of diagnosis, health problems treatment of illnesses without consultation with qualified medical personnel.

HULOH "Hepatos" will make appropriate efforts to update information on this web-site but will not make any guarantee about its accuracy or completeness. All users of agree with the fact that they will take personally bear in any risk related to access and use the contents of this web site. HULOH "Hepatos" excludes its responsibility for all direct and / or indirect damage that arises or could result from access, use or inability to use as well as for any error or omission in the content of this web site. HULOH "Hepatos" reserves all rights to any changes of content of this web site, at any time and for any reason, without prior notice, and exclude its responsibility for possible consequences of such changes.
This site contains information and links to third parties over whom HULOH "Hepatos" has no control, and such information are marked in the appropriate manner. HULOH "Hepatos" provides no assurances with respect to the accuracy or any other characteristics of such information and assumes no responsibility for this information.
HULOH "Hepatos" respects the privacy of its on-line visitors, and will collect information on the identity of persons (name, address, phone number or e-mail address) only when they voluntarily agree. HULOH "Hepatos" explicitly declares that no one will sell personal information or transfer them to any third party without approval except in cases where such obligations regulated by law.

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